Applying Teak Oil To Teak Outdoor Furniture

Rectangle Extension Table

Rectangle Extension Table

Following is a basic method for oiling (check the oil manufacturer’s instructions first; if different, follow the manufacturer). After cleaning the furniture (see 2/16/2013 post), ensure it’s dry before starting to oil. Examine the teak furniture, and sand areas requiring it before oiling. You  need teak oil, a clean 1″ or 2″ paint brush, some clean cotton rags, good light and plenty of space. Wear overalls or old clothes, and household gloves to keep the oil off your hands.

Apply with a clean brush, working downward from the top. Leave the surface wet by the brush but don’t leave too much surplus oil behind as you work. After a few minutes (maybe five to 15 depending on the temperature), the oil will start to become “tacky.” At this point wipe the surface of the furniture with a clean cotton rag, carefully removing all surplus oil. One coat is usually sufficient, but you can apply a second coat if necessary after a minimum of one hour for the first coat to dry.

When the surface is touch dry, use a second clean rag to buff it. Dispose of used rags and cleaning cloths carefully in accordance with the oil manufacturer’s instructions.


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3:33 pm | by Peter

2 Responses to “Applying Teak Oil To Teak Outdoor Furniture”

  1. Ryan z says:

    I don’t know that applying teak oil to teak furniture for outdoors is such a good idea.

    • Peter says:

      These suggestions were provided for customers who prefer their teak outdoor furniture retain its “like-new” look. Although, all my teak products come factory-finished with a special teak sealer that prevents the garden furniture from turning grey due to the effects of the sun. So, it isn’t necessary to treat it.

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