Caring For Teak Garden Furniture

Teak Dining Chair (shown with red cushion)

Teak Dining Chair (shown with red cushion)

The hard yet forgiving nature of teak enables it to tolerate a great deal of use and abuse. Teak outdoor furniture also repays a little tender loving care, so continue reading this blog to pick up a few hints on caring for your teak furniture.

Generally, teak garden furniture is sold in one of two conditions: fine-sanded or oiled with teak oil. My teak products are finely sanded and finished with one coat of teak oil.

In future posts I will provide information about the differences between finished and unfinished and fine-sanded and oiled teak furniture.

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2:14 pm | by Peter

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  1. Anya says:

    Nice changes. The background is a higher-end finish. I like the added social-media features. The tips are a nice touch.

    • Peter says:

      Thanks, Anya. Did I recently see a Facebook message from you where you asked about how to place an order? There’s an “Add to Cart” button with an amount box next to it, usually just below the description of the item. FYI, I’m changing to a different theme soon; so maybe I can try some of those other suggestions you made a while ago. By the way, could you repost those? Thanks.

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