Differences Between Finished And Unfinished Teak Furniture II

If you buy your furniture already oiled, such as the outdoor teak furniture available at GardenFurniturePatio.com, the teak oil imparts a deeper than normal mid-brown color and a soft sheen. Teak wood is naturally oily and requires no treatment whether used indoors or outdoors, and applying teak oil won’t increase the life of the timber.

Teak oil changes the color of the wood slightly, and it can also help prevent stains from seeping into the timber grain. It also slows the graying effect caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. To maintain its appearance, teak oiled furniture will need to be re-oiled periodically.

Follow this basic method for oiling teak furniture: First, clean the furniture (procedure appeared in “How To Clean Teak Outdoor Furniture,” published February 11, 2013). Afterward, ensure the furniture is nice and dry before starting to oil. Examine the furniture first, and attend to any areas requiring sanding before you begin.

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