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Adirondack Table Set

Adirondack Table Set

Sorry my posts were scarce recently, faithful readers. I am based in Washington, D.C.  Friends came to town for the inauguration; and I was busy with brunches, cocktail parties and dinners … not to mention watching the championship football games on Sunday. Hmmmm. That sounds like a lot of events you could enjoy outdoors with some pieces of my Western Red Cedar garden furniture!

Now is a great time to be buying outdoor furniture. You have time to assess the condition of your current collection of furniture, decide which pieces need replacing or select new pieces to enhance your garden, patio or poolside. Several items are offered at reduced prices. For example, my three-piece Adirondack Table Set is reduced by $19 or the two-piece Adirondack Tripod Set at $22 less.  Or try a Western Red Cedar Love Seat, reduced by $35.

By the way, I’m posting the new prices on the Web site. It may take a few days, so please pardon the inconvenience.

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