The Natural Attributes Of Teak Wood

Teak Rocker (shown with blue seat cushion)

Teak Rocker (shown with blue seat cushion)

Teak is an extremely dense, coarse-grained hardwood. Teak wood is generally straight-grained but occasionally wavy. It has a coarse, uneven texture. The wood contains a high level of silica, which causes rapid blunting of cutting edges.

When fresh-cut, the surface of the wood appears dull. The timber has a distinctive, pleasantly aromatic odor reminiscent of the smell of leather. Fresh-sawn teak has a slightly “oily” feel because of its high oil content. A commonly stated characteristic of teak is its durability. It resists rot caused by fungal decay. The high level of resinous oil in the timber acts as a natural insect repellent so the timber resists attack by termites and other wood-boring insects.

The timber is believed to be resistant to water and many chemical reagents, including acids. It does not have a strong reaction when it comes in contact with metals. These statements regarding the durability of teak have a factual basis in the many instances of the timber withstanding the elements of nature when used as key components in the boat-building industry or when used to make municipal furniture for parks.



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